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Tubes Heading Machine JX-HS120

Automatic Tube Heading Machine and complete machine lines.
JX-120A Patent Tube heading machine,is currently running in the fastest speed in China, for toothpaste and cosmetics tubes. Its high efficiency performance indicators catch up with the international first-class level.
The heading machines for the cosmetic segment provide unbeaten flexibility for today’s and tomorrow’s competitive tube production and challenging the market requirements. Our machines run until 120 tubes guaranteed up to a tube diameter of 60 mm.
Discover our heading machines for the cosmetic, food and beverage, toothpaste, the daily cleaning segments.

Product technical parameters

Model: JX-HS120

Production speed: 85-120 tubes

Spec of tube orifice pin hole: 0.8-18mm

Change time for the head molds: 2 to 3 hours

Change time for the orifice pin: 30 minutes

Change time for the color of PE material: within 1 hour

Extrusion Spraying mode: servo motor control

Extrusion Spraying accuracy: ± 5%

Spraying Positioning accuracy: within 1.5 mm

Stability of inlet and outlet tubes: headless tubes can be taken out

Tube inlet mode: vertical upward

Remarks 1: It is easy to be compatible with some deformed or eccentric tubes

Compression molding mode and pressure: servo motor compression molding force reaches 2-3T

Remark 2: The greater the compression molding force, the better the welding quality and appearance of the head to the body

Diameter range of production tube: 16-60mm

Length range of production tube: 55-220mm

Shoulder smoothness and effect: no pitting and slight color masterbatch flow marks

Remark 3: We adopt the method of the vertical mandrel, and the plastic PE is onto the mandrel by Extrusion Spraying way


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