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Who is Woolley

Woolley, a Quicker  Machine Maker, Manufacturer, and Factory, especially for Tube Head Making.

Founded in 2011, Woolley Automatic Machinery Ltd. (Shanghai) is a leading high-tech intelligence enterprise in China.

Since 2013, it has been established to focus on "Industry 4.0" intelligent manufacturing and innovation as the global technology development goal of Woolley.

In 2015, Woolly joined the "Made in China 2025" project, insisted on continuous heavy investment in research and development, and provided the global manufacturing industry with technology and intelligent manufacturing equipment.

So far, Woolley has unique independent intellectual property rights, including a number of invention patents, a number of utility model patents, and a number of computer software copyright certificates. We have successfully overcome the technical bottleneck in the field of special technology application of tube head & shoulder making, and become the First Chinese enterprise to successfully realize working out the tube head & shoulder by applying the vertical upward compressing-molding-extruding mode tech., meanwhile reaching the international first-class industry S & T level.

Woolley Technology has upgraded from traditional injection molding to efficient compression-extrusion molding; has upgraded from semi-automation to full automation. We also pioneered the vertical upward head & shoulder extruding method, applying the unique technical process of material spraying compression molding, applying the advanced servo quantitative material spraying and servo high-pressure molding principle, without the need for hydraulic technology in the whole process, accordingly achieving the advantages of greatly reducing molds size, reducing energy consumption, faster molding speed, even better molding effect, and tube quality value.

The complete close-loop production line of Woolley includes automatic tube extrusion, tube making, tube cutting, tube sorting, tube selecting inspection, offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, tube head & shoulder making, tube cap making, tube top foil film sealing, tube capping, labeling, paste filling, tail sealing, boxing, and packing. It is truly efficient and brings economic benefits and comprehensive strength to enterprises in the field of soft tube production, tube application, and packaging industries.

Woolley Machines are widely used in the whole production line of medical & pharmaceutical tubes, daily chemical tubes, cosmetics & make-up tubes, and food and beverages tubes. Over the years, we have served many known enterprises in the above lines in  China, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, and won unanimous praise.

Our sales and engineering teams are always at the first time to respond to your calls and email inquiries, to help you sort out your needs, jointly establish the best layout, and synthesize the best solutions. Woolley guarantees that you will obtain highly efficient equipment and the best solutions from us, with worry-free after-sales service, at the most competitive nice price.