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OO=auto machine gears running, 

LL=tubes=equal business partnership, 

E=machine high efficiency, 


What Woolley Do

Woolley, a Tube Project Machines Line Provider, a Quicker Tube Machines Maker, Manufacturer, and Factory, one of the best good-price China Machinery Sellers and Exporters.

Founded in 2011,Woolley Automatic Machinery Ltd. , has been the leading High-Tech Science & Intelligence Enterprise of China, and fast-growing capable MLDB Turn-key Solution Provider for global Tube Packaging Industry.

Tube Project Soluter Provider Expert

WOOLLEY is committed to providing "Tubes Packaging Industry chain service of Machines Line Designing & Builing (ML+D+B)", that is, "design and research of a full range of high-end soft tube production line automation equipment 

- complete equipment manufacturing and procurement 

- commissioning and delivery 

- auxiliary operation and management", 

starting from the actual situation of the packaging factory, tailor-made to provide a one-stop, customized turn-key solution that maximizes economic progressive benefits for the global packaging material industry and enterprises.

Sharing own technological patents, and considering each link of the machines' performance as much as possible, Woolley Team are capable for the forward-looking (forseeing 5 to 10 years) design and customization machine model, therefore our customers have the advantages of equipment strength and product quality ahead of the future and peers. Woolley has trained sufficient stable automation engineer teams, for constant R&D upgrading work, for continuous and orderly workshop equipment assembly work, for Installing and debugging equipment in the busy overseas customer factory workshop, and for training customer technical personnel. 

Machines Application Range

Woolley Machines are widely used in the whole production line of medical & pharmaceutical tubes,daily chemical tubes,cosmetics & make-up tubes, food and beverages tubes. Over the years, we have well served tens of known enterprises in the above lines in China, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and won unanimous praises.

Global Installation & Service

Our sales and engineering teams are always at the first time to respond to your calls and email inquiries, to help you sort out your needs, to construct the best layout for our new plants, and synthesize the best solutions. Woolley guarantees that you will obtain highly efficient equipment and the best solutions from us, with worry-free after-sales service, at the most competitive good price.

Woolley Competitive Advantage

Advanced automation design technology, 

High-quality and Efficient machines,

Good price and Good services

Woolley Global Market Goal

Make Projects and Products by heart, 

Do genuine service to Clients, 

Broadcasting Woolley Brand Faith

Woolley Service Concept

What you need is exactly what we can do!

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