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Why Woolley


1. We are one of the factories with the most value in automation research and technology in China, and we have professional technology patents.

2. We are a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, China, and a fast-growing global technology-based enterprise supported by the state.

3. We are a machinery and equipment manufacturer of plastic tube packaging materials in China, not a trading company or soho trader.

4. We are the leader in China in compression molding technology. Compared with the international level, we have reached the Swiss technology level and the cost is the lowest there.

5. We are the machine line connection experts in the field of plastic tubes production in the world. At present, the advantages of our connection solution, design and layout, reasonable low cost, high performance, and technological upgrading value,  have been highly evaluated.

6. We are responsible for the global after-sales service for all our exported tube machines, auxiliary machines, consumables and molds of the tube connected equipment line, and our technical service engineers are often providing services around the world.

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