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Tube Heading Machine JX-HS80

Save time and money, Keep safe and quick operation on production, and Fast return on investment. The State-of-the-art, fully automatic machine from Woolley, is used for the head and shoulder making of tubes at a speed of 70-80 pieces per minute. Be good at making small thin tubes with diameter of 11-25mm.

Product technical parameters

Production speed: 60-80 tubes

Spec of tube orifice pin hole: 0.8-18mm

Change time for the head molds: within one hour

Change time for the orifice pin: 10 minutes

Change time for the color of PE material: within 1 hour

Extrusion Spraying mode: servo motor control

Extrusion Spraying accuracy: ± 5%

Spraying Positioning accuracy: within 1mm

Stability of inlet and outlet tubes: headless tubes can be taken out

Tube inlet mode: vertical upward

Remarks 1: It is easy to be compatible with some deformed or eccentric tubes

Compression molding mode and pressure: servo motor compression molding force reaches 2-3T

Remark 2: The greater the compression molding force, the better the welding quality and appearance of the head to the body

Diameter range of production tube: 11-25mm

Length range of production tube: 45-220mm

Shoulder smoothness and effect: no pitting and slight color masterbatch flow marks

Remark 3: We adopt the method of the vertical mandrel, and the plastic PE is onto the mandrel by Extrusion Spraying way


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