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Tube Screen Printing Machine JXSP-1,2,5,6 Color

This machine can meet the requirements for circular arc printing of cylindrical and other special-shaped containers, and is compatible with containers made of plastic, glass, metal and other materials. The machine realizes intelligent control of the whole machine through programmable logic controller (PLC) and high-performance touch screen. A new high-speed transmission system is composed of advanced imported motors, speed changing devices and mechanical transmission to realize the control functions of stepless speed change, synchronous transmission, automatic alignment, no-tube no-printing, etc.

-  Main functions:

1. Available for ramp loading mode

2. Automatic head turning function

3. Flame surface treatment system

4. Stepless speed change control system (frequency converter control)

5. Automatic pre alignment system

6. No-tube-no-printing system (high performance photoelectric sensor is adopted, and transparent tube and black tubes can be reliably identified)

7. Ultraviolet curing system

 - Main configuration:

1. Machine main motor: SITI (Italy)/reducer (Taiwan I-type)

2. Programmable controller (PLC): OMRON

3. Touch screen: Omron or VILON

4. Photoelectric switch: KEYENCE (Japan)/SICK (Germany)

5. Button switch: IDEC (Hequan, Japan)

6. Contactor: SCHNEIDER/Fujifilm

7. Relay: OMRON

8. Frequency converter: OMRON

9. Ultraviolet curing system: HONOVIA (Hanover, USA)

10. Pneumatic components: SMC (Japan)

- Technical parameters:

1. Circular printing diameter: ф 10mm- ф 75mm

2. Circular printing height: 20mm~230mm

3. Fastest printing speed: When printing round products, the fastest printing speed is about 50-65 Pcs/min (without location requirements). There are location requirements and camera system. The fastest printing speed is about 30-45 Pcs/min, and the actual products are the main ones

4. Power requirements:/AC380V 3Phase 50Hz/60Hz

5. Rated power: 4.6KW

6. Air pressure requirement: 5~8bar

7. Machine size: 2500 (L) * 1700 (W) * 1900 (H) mm

8. Mechanical weight: about 1500kg