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Screen Printer 6 Colors +UV Varnishing JX-SP66

Silk Screen PrintingTube Machine 6 Colors plus UV Varnishing

This machine made for round tubes printing, the worker use touch screen to control the whole machine.

Main functions:

Automatic feeding

Vacuum suction of pipe inlet slot

Dust removal and electrostatic treatment

Flame surface treatment (or corona surface treatment)

UV glazing system

Left and right alignment system

Front and rear alignment system

No bottom no print system

High efficiency UV curing system.

Full vacuum suction of mandrel


Printed product size: diameter 13-60mm) L (20-230mm)

Maximum printing length: 200mm

Maximum printing diameter: 60mm

Maximum speed: 60Pcs/min (up to the size of products)

Number of workers: 20

Electrical power: AC380V 3Phase 50Hz

UV lamp power: 4.5kw/piece

Rated power: 65KW

Air pressure: 5~8 bar

Weight: 5500KG

Host size: length 3800 * width 3650 * height 2030 (mm)


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