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Tube Extruding Machine JXE-1L

JX Mono-Layer Tube Extruding Machine

JX Mono-Layer Tube Extruding Machine 

Extruding Linear Speed: 10 meter per minute (taking diameter 35millimieter as an example)

Cutting Speed: 160-190 tubes per minute

Tube Diameter range: diameter 16- 60 millimeter

Screw Diameter : diameter 60 millimeter, L/D ratio: 32:1

Screw Type: Full flight

Motor: 15 HP X 1 Pieces

Water Consumption: ice water: 120 L per minute, 5-10 centigrade

Max Power:  40KW

Tube Thickness error: +/-0.02 millimeter

Supply Voltage: Customized according to the local supply of the buyer

Machine Size: About 7450 x 1350 x 2000 mm (L*W*H)

Weight: Around 3000KGS