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Saigon Welcome you, Woolley Machine Welcome you

Saigon Welcome you, Woolley Machine Welcome you


The 21st Vietnam Plas, 

The Ho Chi Minh City,

The Saigon Exhition & Conference Center

The time on Oct 18~21, 2023

The Super Technology Star of Cosmetics Tube and 

Aluminum Tube Machine Manufactory (Woolley)

The Dedicated and promising guests and visitors (You)

We all, meet here, and appreciate each other

Woolley Stands here, as the Top one Technology solution supplier for Renovation, 

Upgrading, and Construction of 

a) PE cosmetic hose (tube) production line

b) ABL PBL toothpaste laminated tube (hose) production line

c) aluminum tube production line

d) aluminum cans production line

When you google search and source our machines: tube extruding extruder, 

tube offset printing machine printer, tube head-making shoulder maker, 

tube foiling and capping machine capper, tube silk screen printing machine, 

automatic orientation sorting machine, we appear in front of you.

Woolley Engineer Team shall introduce automation machines to you one by one.



Contact: Mr. Tian Woolley

Phone: +8613671872020

Tel: +86-21-58127478


Add: Woolley Industry Park, No.1379 Jiahao Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. (Previous Head Address: 16-1, No.485 Xiangjiang Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. We also have sub-manufactory workshops in Guangzhou and Fuzhou.)

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