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2023 INTERPACK & Woolley Automation Heading Machine

Woolley Automation Mechinery Ltd. is in the process of booking for Interpack 2023.

About INTERPACK 2023:

The last exhibition had a net exhibition area of 178131 square meters, with 170899 professional visitors from 169 countries, and 98% of the visitors were satisfied with the exhibition. There are 2866 exhibitors from 55 countries, including 648 from Germany, 2218 from other countries. Germany accounts for 65212 square meters, and enterprises from other countries cover 112919 square meters. Food industry accounts for 20%, pharmaceutical industry accounts for 9%, industrial products 6%, plastic products 5%, candy/baking industry 4%, cardboard processing and printing industry 4%, consumer goods industry (non food) 3%, cosmetics industry 3%, beverage industry 3%, other industries 9%, technical/professional retail industry 5%, retail trade (food/non food) 5%, other industries 4%, services 8%, technical trade 2%, other 7%

German packaging machinery is in the leading position in the industry in terms of design, manufacturing and technical performance, and is the world's largest exporter of packaging machinery. As the largest and most influential packaging exhibition in the world - the 23rd International Packaging Machinery, Packaging and Confectionery Machinery Exhibition - INTERPACK 2023, sponsored by Dusseldorf Exhibition Organization and held every three years, is the largest, most influential and most professional packaging exhibition in the world. INTERPACK has shown users in the application industry the new packaging products, innovative solutions and full range of services related to the packaging industry in the fields of food, medicine, cosmetics, candy and pastries. With personalized exhibits, INTERPACK has become the most representative innovation forum and the most comprehensive platform for all-round display of packaging materials and complete packaging solutions, providing you with an ideal space to understand the new trends of the international packaging market and explore the European packaging market.

In 2023, INTERPACK will provide you with the most professional display on a larger scale, from all kinds of information about the manufacturing process to the final packaging products, to the development trend of the packaging industry and candy industry, and the professional solutions to the challenges of innovative products and packaging, to meet your different needs in an all-round way. We sincerely invite you to participate in this grand exhibition.

Scope of exhibits:

★ Various packaging machinery and accessories, packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging tools and packaging auxiliary equipment, candy packaging machinery and equipment, packaging and candy industry services, etc;

★ Packaging materials: paper and cardboard products, soft plastic products (bottles, bags, films, containers, etc.), molded plastic, metal products, glass, ceramic products, and wood products packaging materials and containers, export packaging, hybrid packaging materials;

★ Packaging aids: devices and safety aids, marks and label aids (wet labels, stickers, mixed marks and label aids), desiccants, filling materials, sealing materials, sealing aids, packaging tapes, mixed auxiliary packaging; ★ Packaging machinery: paper packaging, cardboard, corrugated cardboard products packaging, soft plastic products packaging, molded plastic packaging, metal products packaging, glass, ceramic products packaging and processing machinery, unpacking machine, loading and filling processing machine, machine accessories, mixing machines and tools, sugar fruit packaging machinery;

★ Label marking: label and packaging article printer (metal label printer, mass label, folding box, foam card printer, other label and packaging article printers, label and packaging article printing design software), label machine (adhesive label machine, wet label machine, hybrid label machine) Marking tools (inkjet system, laser marking system, thermal sensing printing system, hot stamping and blind stamping system, hybrid marking tools);

★ Monitoring test: image analysis system, test grade, metal detector, packaging test system, hybrid monitoring system;

★ Medical machinery and medical packaging;

★ Processing and packaging accessories.



Contact: Mr. Tian Woolley

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Add: Woolley Industry Park, No.1379 Jiahao Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. (Previous Head Address: 16-1, No.485 Xiangjiang Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. We also have sub-manufactory workshops in Guangzhou and Fuzhou.)

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