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Tube Labeling Machine JX

It is suitable for all kinds of tubes of different heights and specifications, ensuring that the label will not bubble, and the adhesive label will not wrinkle. It can be pasted on one side of a round tube, one side of a square tube, one side and two sides of a flat tube (such as shampoo, shower gel, beverages, lubricants, detergents, etc.), as well as on one side and two sides of all kinds of irregularly shaped tubess. It is widely used and has strong adaptability.

The synchronous chain calibration mechanism ensures the stability and accuracy of the calibration and the stability and speed of the transmission tube.

The screw rod adjusting and pressing mechanism has high precision and a wide range of adjustments and can adapt to various tubes types.

1. PLC cooperates with the human-machine interface, which is easy to read.

2. Full stand S304 stainless steel, made of anodized high-grade aluminum alloy, never rusts and meets CMP requirements:

3. This machine has the functions of tube guiding, tube dividing, label wheel leveling, counting, etc.

4. The height and angle of the labeling position can be adjusted.

5. The conveyor belt can be lapped on the production line.

6. It can also be modified to suit the simultaneous labeling of the tube body and tube neck.


Voltage specification AC220V

Applicable container range: length: 15-10mm, width: 10-100mm, height: 40-350mm

Frequency 50/60HZ Bottle height 40-350MM Single phase/

Applicable label range: height 15-180mm, length 10-200mm

Power consumption 3.5KW Label height 15-120MM

Labeling speed 50-150 bottles/minute Maximum label supply diameter 420mm

Labeling precision printer 1mm paper roll inner diameter 76MM

Use air source 4kg/m2 label gap 3-4MM

Note: The gap between the upper and lower edges of the label and the edge of the label bottom paper is 2MM


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