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Tube Hot Foil Stamping Machine JXFS

All kinds of plastic material cap bronzing;
Various painted metal surface on the side of the bottle cap gilt;
Liquor industry, plastic containers and packaging industry, cosmetics industry, cap side tipping.

JX Tube Hot Foil Stamping Machine

The common type of PE soft-tube gilt; Suitable for all kinds of soft-tube made of plastic material gilt; 

The smooth side of the cap are suitable for this machine gilt;

Also, some of the cosmetics cover a diameter of less than 40mm of gold foil.

With automatic transmission is a fully automatic stamping machine cap, the cap for the top side of the gilt automatic stamping machine;

Structural design of the central compact structure; bottle feeding from the side, facing into the stamping station;

Stable horizontal movement, the frequency motor control, stamping pressure evenly, stamping quality;

Programmable logic controller fine-tuning various parameters, a good user interface;

Set a single machine debugging feature operation set up can be a fully functional operation;

As the bottle with the top and bottom points, the machine can automatically identify, saving labor costs and labor intensity.


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