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Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine JX-FS25

Manually insert the tubeinto the mold, and the mold rotates with the turntable, stopping at different workstations. Firstly, come to the tubecalibration station, lift the tubeat the bottom of the mold and rotate it. The colored photoelectric detector detects the color code at the end of the hose, and once it is detected, the rotation will stop. The mold will descend and return to its original position, and the turntable will start to move to the next filling station. The material that needs to be filled will be put into the hopper in advance. Through the piston type quantitative filling valve directly connected to the hopper, it will accurately and automatically inject the tubethat intermittently stays on the filling station, The rotary table continues to rotate, reaching the heating sealing station to seal the hose. The rotary table continues to rotate, reaching the edge cutting station to cut off the tubeabove the sealing area. Then, the rotary table rotates to the final station, pushes the tubeup and out of the mold, and slides it out of the machine through the slide.

Technical Data

1. Power supply:~220V

2. Motor power: 800W

3. Filling volume: 10-50ml 30-250ml Select the filling volume based on the sample

4. Production capacity: 10-25 pieces/minute

5. Measurement accuracy: ± 1%

6. Suitable for bottle shape: cylindrical Φ 15- Φ 50mm high limit: 60-200mm

7. Overall dimensions: 1160 * 900 * 1650mm

8. Overall weight: 300 kg

9. Working air pressure: 0.55-0.65MPA/

10. Required air compressor: ≥ 3kw 100L

11. Wooden box packaging size: 1300 * 1070 * 1700mm

1) Optional #1: Auto-Tube-Feeding-in Equipment


Optional #2: Hopper with mixing and insulation function



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