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Offset Printing Machine 7 colors JX-OP87

1)Smart design,easy operation
It can shorten the transfer steps to satisfy the requirements of high productivity and printing diversification of silicone sealant field.
2)Intelligent operation system
With digital operations,the production will be more efficient.
3)Modularization &fault signal scene visual
Easy maintenance to reduce the reply to the technician, this is our most important improvement direction.
4) Adopted improved control system &UV curing system
Energy saving more than 30% compared with other brands of printer.
5) Simple operation
Three operators can be enough for running each set of machine.
6) Providing integrated solution
7) Pre-printing: graphic arts
8) Printing raw material: ink &varnish supply,etc.
9) Installation &training: to provide.

Offset Printing Machine 7 colors JX-OP87

1. Printing speed: 75 pieces/minute, higher speed: 90 pieces/minute

2. Printing ink: UV ultraviolet ink

3. Printing method: round pressing (transfer through rubber plate)

4. Printing plate material: photo-sensitive nylon plate or aluminum zinc plate

5. Printing cleaning: industrial alcohol or professional cleaning agent

6. Total power of printing machine: 48kw

Printing head power: 20kw

Oven power: 28kw (UV part 8kw)

IR infrared: 16kw (only one function is used during operation)

Heat dissipation plus circulation system 1kw, transmission 2.2kw

7. Printing range: ∅ 16 - ∅ 60, height 50-220mm

8. Working current: 15A-20A

9. Rated pressure of air pressure: 0.6-0.7mpa

10. Air displacement: 0.8-1m3/min

11. Working voltage: AC 380v 50HZ (customized abroad)

12. The feeding and discharging methods can be designed according to the site layout.


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