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Tube Cap Twisting-Locking Machine JX

After the tube body with the cap is continuously fed into the capping machine, it is clamped forward by the double-layer vertical synchronous belt. The tube cap is tightened gradually after passing through three pairs of polyurethane rubbing wheels rotating in the same direction.

The machine can adjust the height and width of the tube clamping synchronous belt and the height and width of the rubbing wheel appropriately according to the customer's tube type to achieve the ideal capping speed and stable effect. Moreover, the adjusting part is provided with a ruler or scale for visual control. When updating the tube model or cap model, no spare parts are needed, and only minor adjustments are needed to meet the production requirements.


Cap diameter Ø 15~Ø 70mm

Tube diameter Ø 20~Ø 100 mm

Suitable for bottle height 30~120 mm

Air consumption 300 L/min

Maximum speed 130 bottles/min

Power supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz

Air pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa

Total power: 1.25 kw

Overall dimension: (L × W × H ) 2000 mm × 950 mm × 1000 mm

Weight: 750 kg