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Tech. Upgrading

Shall we buy single OVEN by UV, or buy Dual Oven (UV+IR)?

UV and IR tech are powerful tools application for tube varnish curing. 

IR emitters transfer heat to tubes without contact.

UV lamps provider stable and efficient UV output. 

IR heaters and UV lamps provide productive solutions for drying and curing.

IR oven is drying for IR varnish on tube surface, 

by heating the chain store within the oven space at 70~80 celsus temperature, 

needs a little long distance and space to finish well the curing.

UV oven is drying for UV varnish on tube surface, 

by outputing UV light without generating heat in short distance and quick time. 

In some market, UV varnish oil is relatively expensive than IR varnish oil.

IR oven footprints long space, cost a little high electric power supply. 

UV oven footprint short space,cost less power supply, 

cost about one third of the IR oven. 

Econemically, it is good for selecting only UV oven. 

Some buyers would like to order dual ovens 

because they are accustomed to use the IR oven, 

also need application of quick UV oven.



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