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Woolley News

Woolley's Relocation Notice


Dear friends and customers worldwide, we are honored to inform that our Woolley head quarter has just relocated to a new industrial park from March 13th, 2023, addressed: Building 1, No. 1379, Jiahao Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China (from the previous address: 16-1,No. 485 Xiangjiang Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai, China).

Welcome to visit us! Please bring with your tube samples, Woolley can help you overcome technical bottlenecks and take on your most difficult tube orders from your clients.

At present, our latest machine production line includes: 8-color high-speed offset printing machine technology, 6-layer automatic extrusion machine (the #5 layer for Environmentally Friendly Material PCR ) and so on. We undertake guaranteed satisfactory after-sale service against contract for all separate machines and the whole machines line.



Contact: Mr. Tian Woolley

Phone: +8613671872020

Tel: +86-21-58127478


Add: Woolley Industry Park, No.1379 Jiahao Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. (Previous Head Address: 16-1, No.485 Xiangjiang Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. We also have sub-manufactory workshops in Guangzhou and Fuzhou.)

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