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Tube Automatic Foil Sealing Machine JX

The equipment can be divided into two parts: tube and sensing head. The high-frequency pulse current generated by the oscillator is amplified and shaped by feedback, and drives the power module to output to the sensor. When a metal aluminum foil is close to the sensor, eddy current will be generated on the aluminum foil to generate heat. The degree of heat generation depends on the strength, frequency and duration of the eddy current. The whole machine is equipped with self inspection function to detect power stability, over-current, over-temperature control protection and phase locking. The power is adjustable, and the working condition can be displayed on the control panel for easy observation, operation and adjustment. The cooling system adopts double water cooling self circulation to cool the sensing head and power module respectively.

Power: 3600w adjustable

Vibration frequency: 80KHz

Conveying speed: 2.4~12m/min

Sealing diameter: ф 20-35mm ф 60-90mm ф 90-120mm (can be customized as required)

Container height: 30-260mm

Production capacity: 0-300 bottles/minute (take 60-100ml PE hose as an example, more than 150 tubes per minute)

Cooling system: internal self circulating water cooling, cooling water temperature<55 º C (indoor temperature ≤ 25 ° C)

Power supply: single-phase AC220V ± 5% 50Hz 15A

Operating environment: indoor 5-25 ℃, relative humidity<80%

Volume: host 600 * 400 * 1150mm (L * W * H)

Weight: main engine 82kg